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Flower Design


13 October 2016

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Flower Design

At Mon Amor Event Design Studio, we collaborate and pour emotions in creating a beautiful floral design that will bring magic into any of your memorable events. We are very particular about details and the most important thing is that we are able to take your vision to come to life. By all means, your event is a special day as you are creating memories, so it is just as important to us to take all the hard details and put them in action as we curate the design. From Bouquets to centerpieces, we have a keen eye for that and our promise to our client is to give you breathtaking results.

Our Latest Weddings

Lately, we have been specializing in Ukranian and Indian Weddings. Two different cultures, but we managed to make the most out of it. If you start exploring the wedding traditions of different nations, you will be amazed of their different rituals and ceremonies. Ukranian and Indian wedding celebrations are extremely rich in tradition and religion. We believe that whatever culture you have, we will give you the most utmost respect and we will carry your traditions and incorporate it into your most important day and turn it into meaningful moments.